It’s quite normal to wonder how is it possible to lose weight by consuming a mixture that only contains chia water and lemon. But it is okay because in this article we will show you how, and we will tell you all the needed ingredients, if you desire to lose some extra weight.

When you put chia seeds in water they create a gelatinous ingredient, that causes an effect that is quite satiety when you consume it, and you might know the healthy ingredients contained in the chia seeds, like fibers, proteins and calcium which are nourishing our body and are perfect while we are on a diet. On the other hand we have the lemon that contains huge amounts of vitamin C, which makes it able to cleanse our organism from waste and toxins.

The Drink That Promotes Weight Loss

You should take this drink in the morning, as soon as you get out of bed, which means that the drink will start to act at the beginning of your day, that way you will be on a daily routine and the natural remedy will take effect without losing any time.


– 300 ml of filtered water
– A tablespoon of chia seeds
– Freshly squeezed lemon juice (from 1 lemon)
– Honey

  • You must dip the chia seeds in the water (100 ml).
  • This water with seeds must stand at least one hour, after this time the seeds will be taking the gelatinous consistency, after this time the lemon juice is added, to then add the rest of the water.
  • You must shake the mixture for a few seconds, and sweeten it with the honey, according to your taste, and you must take it on an empty stomach upon awakening.
  • This drink also works as a diuretic, since it eliminates constipation, these ingredients also fight free radicals in this way it fights the signs of aging, slowing them down.